I was finally able to sit down and shoot some videos for the weathering processes of the dirty Nu kit. So with that done, here are some pictures of the complete Nus… well about as complete as they can be for the time being. I still haven’t finished the weapons or funnel systems for both kit, and I will be getting to that, hence the lack of a complete page. They aren’t quite done yet, but getting there.

hguc_nu_prog%20210_jpg.jpg hguc_nu_prog%20223_jpg.jpg

My main goal was to get videos and pictures done for the tutorial updates, and the main body of the kits served that purpose. I will need to get two Sazabi’s to pose with these two bastards come mid June. I just hope to finish the damn funnels and weapons before I crack open the Sazabis.

An interesting thing to note as you look at the pictures. With the exception of the gold and yellows for each kit and the different base color (the dirty one used the primer, and the shiny one used an intermediate blue); the rest of the paint colors and techniques were identical. I used a gloss black and pearl powders to create the dark blue areas for both kits. I also used the same white for both kits. Note how much of a difference the base color makes especially since the kit is pre shaded. Then notice how much of a different the filter/fade and the flat finish does to the kit in comparison to the shiny one.

hguc_nu_prog%20232_jpg.jpg hguc_nu_prog%20230_jpg.jpg hguc_nu_prog%20230_jpg.jpg

hguc_nu_prog%20230_jpg.jpg hguc_nu_prog%20230_jpg.jpg

Click here for more pictures.

Edit: In other news, I put together a quick video for spray can decanting and added a tutorial page:


Here’s the video from the above page:

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  1. Infornography

    Looks great Gam! Looking at your HGUC Nu Gundam makes me glad I went with the airbrush path rather than hand-painting!

  2. GameraBaenre

    Well, everything I did can be done with hand painting or spray cans too. With hand painting, it is just a bit time consuming to get similar results. Spray cans are fairly easy too, but more paint gets wasted in that process.

    It will take a little bit of time to get used to using the airbrush. Everything is experience and practice.

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