Oct 262008

Busy weekend. Friday night, I assembled the sub parts for the Tekkaman Evil commission kit and took pictures of the completed kit. I experimented with my photography, using a diffuser for my flash; so some of the pictures may look a little different form my past photos. Before the build gathering, I went down to my local AutoZone where I had ordered a K&N Cold Air/Short Ram intake kit, and then installed it to my tC. Folks started showing up to the build gathering as I finished up the install. The build gathering was fairly successful, we ended up going out to El Farolito for dinner. We had about 16 people at the gathering. My free time during the gathering went to working on the Kanu kit and with the masking work completed, I should be able to finish the kit this week. Sean F brought a couple of cds with pictures from OrangeCon 2008, and I have those pictures uploaded to the website. Here are a few sample pictures from the weekend, more pictures and details about the weekend after the jump.

tekkaman_evil_com 071_jpg.jpg k_n_intake_install 003_jpg.jpg mgb17 067_jpg.jpg mgb17 071_jpg.jpg

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Oct 232008

Mini evil update. Last night, I ended up sacrificing my gym time with masking the shiny detail areas then spraying some more paint. The following picture shows the lower abdomen with the color changing properties with pictures of the part from different angles.

tekkaman_evil_com 037_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 038_jpg.jpg

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Oct 222008

Last night, I was able to get some painting done on the kit so I updated the commissions page with pictures that I have been taking over the past two weeks. Starting off, I had to soak the parts in purple power to rid all the residual oils, sanding dust, and any other things that may have stuck onto the surface for the past couple of months. After soaking, I pulled the parts and put them into a water bath, following this, they parts were thrown into fresh water in the ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaner was run and then the parts were dried – ready for priming.

tekkaman_evil_com 007_jpg.jpg tekkaman_evil_com 008_jpg.jpg

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Oct 202008

It’s been a week since I have been back from the cruise. I’ve been fairly busy. I joined 24hour fitness where I go to continue running on machines as I did on the cruise. I also cracked open the Wii fit that I bought a few weeks ago from Circuit City online. It arrived the week before I went on the cruise and didn’t have much of an urge to crack the sucker open. I also got to the Tekkaman Evil kit primed; I have uploaded the new progress pictures – but at least I’m getting work on it, I hope to finish it this week, or at least get very close to completion.

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Aug 202008

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a local in regards to potential commission work. I gave the guy a quote but also stipulated that I do build gatherings at my house and that he was welcome to come over and learn. He showed up at my place on the build gathering and brings out the kits he’s interested in having me build. They are old Tekkaman kits from the anime Tekkaman Blade. The kits were produced around 1992 and are now out of production.

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