Welcome to 2021 and my current project: 小巴

It has been a good minute since I last posted anything. I think that last time I posed up something was the end of September 2020 for the ST Tortois kit from the 80’s. Shortly after that post, the wife and I packed up Bob and Ken and headed off to Yellowstone/Grand Teton for a week.

A few days after coming home, I started showing signs of Covid-19 and 7 days in, it got full blown and I had to stay at the hospital for 4 days while they injected me with all sorts of drugs and did daily blood draws. Not fun, but I fully recovered after a few weeks. Then it was on to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all back to back with nothing new. Well, right before Christmas, the wife and I went RV shopping. From my experience getting the kungflu and seeing how easily folks in Class B’s were doing in Yellowstone; we decided that we wanted one.

Apparently lots of people are thinking along this line and it is pretty difficult to get our hands on one. We were debating between the Sequence by Thor or the Travato by Winnebago. They are both built on the Ram Promaster 3500 chassis and are fairly similar with the two floor plans we narrowed our decisions on; the Winnie 59G or the Sequence 20K. We ended up picking out the Travato 59G a week before Christmas and was told that a model we wanted would arrive sometime in January. We dropped 5K as a deposit and did the fun paperwork and then just waited for a month before getting called by the dealership to go and pick it up.

More about this and tons of pictures from the last few weeks after the jump.


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Hugo & Beanie

Of all the things I write about, I have yet to really write anything about my two dogs, Hugo & Beanie. They are both Pembroke Welsh Corgis, both boys, not related, and about half a year in age difference. Hugo is the tri-color and Beanie is the fawn (for you Cowboy Bebop fans, think Ein.) Although both are very intelligent, Beanie is clearly much more intelligent than Hugo. Hugo is a very quick learner, because he just likes food, and will pretty much do anything he can to get a treat. Their two personalities differ greatly, I often find Beanie sitting on the couch with one arm propped up against the sofa end looking rather deep in thought; while Hugo looks at you and smiles vacantly. Hugo is the more active and playful of the two, and will easily find all sorts of ways to entertain himself such as running around with one of his many toys and chasing Beanie around the house.

hugo_beans_trick 001_jpg.jpg


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