Aug 172008

Terry arrived early so we can fix his airbrush. I took the airbrush apart and threw the front parts into a cup of lacquer thinner and ran the stuff through my ultrasonic cleaner. The nozzle was damaged so we went out to Coast Airbrush to pick up parts. Folks started arriving around 1:30 and everyone sat down and started building. I sat down and started working on my Kanu. We had a few new guys come out. Here are a few quick shots of folks building stuff.

mgb14 005_jpg.jpg mgb14 004_jpg.jpg mgb14 012_jpg.jpg mgb14 016_jpg.jpg

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Jul 202008

It’s 4:45 PM and I’m still trying to recover from yesterday’s build gathering. Early in the morning, I hit up a showing of Dark Knight with Will and Chris, and rushed back with them in tow to the house to find that Travis and company were already here. People showed up fairly promptly this gathering, and I think we hit 18 people before 3PM. The house cleared once Otakufuel showed up, and everyone was outside buying kits. Here are a few pictures of the three sections of build areas we ended up with:

mgb13%20008_jpg.jpg mgb13%20028_jpg.jpg mgb13%20043_jpg.jpg

We have a good number of new people this time; I believe we have about 7 or 8 new folks. Hugo watches them intently…

mgb13%20058_jpg.jpg mgb13%20063_jpg.jpg

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Mar 312008

Saturday saw another successful model build gathering! We grew by 4 new attendees this month, and we had a total of 17 people attending including myself. Gtetra, even after spending the Friday and Saturday moving into his new house, called up and came over later Saturday Night to participate, true dedication. I’ll be picking up a 6ft table from Costco later on this week, and I’m sure we’ll have the space for a little more growth; much the the chagrin of my girlfriend I’m sure.

I spent a good amount of time running around answering questions and did a few quick demos:

Mono eye, camera lens modification

Quick and dirty airbrush tutorial

Otakufuel was also on hand to supply the wanton needs of the gunpla building otakus. So busy that they were not able to get much model building done – serves them right for bringing a car trunk full of goodies.

Here are a few pictures from the build gathering:

mgb9%20016_jpg.jpg mgb9%20004_jpg.jpg mgb9%20024_jpg.jpg

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The next build gathering is set for Saturday, April 19, 2008

I’m planning on having some kits ready for the following tutorials: Weathering, Pearl Painting, Applying Water Slide Decals, and maybe a few one offs here and there, depending on what people are working on. And I almost forgot, for April’s build gathering, we’re going to focus on getting some major work done of the 1/144 Scale “Gundam Bar” idea.