Oct 152009

Mass amounts of painting is happening at the house. Gtetra is over working on the gaplant and I’m busy with the Tekkaman and added an SD Gundam NT-1 “Alex” to the mix. A few months ago, I saw another method for doing marble effects from a Hong Kong modeler Ambroseyin. I’m a sucker for trying out new techniques and I like the marble effect, the only issue is that I have trouble finding a suitable kit do test such off the wall ideas, so what better test subject than an SD kit. So off we go.

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Jan 122009

Weekend update on the kit. I spent a little more time this weekend just pumping the sucker out. I still have a good amount of work on the sucker such as all the detail painting, panel line wash, decals, and finishing the weapons. Speaking of the weapons, I wanted to create a realistic wood grain effect on the weapons, the Naginata, Musket, and Jūmonji Yari. I made a few videos for the technique as well.

shin_musha_prog 029_jpg.jpg shin_musha_prog 030_jpg.jpg

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