While taking pictures of the pressure pot yesterday, I realize that I need to better organize the workshop so that the space is better utilized. I have a full table in the corner that is only used as self space. That whole area has become utterly cluttered with boxes and parts of unfinished kits.

At the model build gathering, some new folks were join and they were figure enthusiasts and took an interests in some of the kits I had. And after pulling a good number of them out, I’m coming to the realization that my build speed has slowed down considerably and that I will probably never get around to completing all these bloody kits…

So time to sell of some of these kits. Now getting rid of some kits as well as the countless boxes of junk will help facilitate the eventual room reorganization. The following list will be updated as things are sold. I will be adding more items as I rummage through the junk that has collected over the years.

Please send an email me (email link is at the top of the menu on this page) if you are interested in any of the following items. Shipping will be an additional cost, and calculated depending on your location.

Original kits:
1/4 Bome Kanu – $300

1/6 CC from Yoriko Q – $100*** taken
SD Monster Hunter – $100
1/7 Ignis from Orchid Seed – $100
1/6 Ayanami Rei / Kein – $100
1/6 Roxanne from Reflect – $100
1/6 Asuka Idol – $100
1/6 Haruhi Bunny from Bubba – $150
1/6 Emaretta from Cerberus Project – $100

1/6 Chun Li from Aya – $100*** taken

1/7 Yoko from Cherry Blossom – $100

1/6 Madlax from arkclub – $100**taken

1/8 Yoko -VS Teperin Ver. from kotobukiya – $80

Recast Figures:
1/6 Asuka Motorcycle (visp) – $80 **taken
1/7 Vampire Hunter D – $40

Gunpla Schnabel Gun – $150 **Taken

MG Zeta 2.0 – 40
MG Strike – $40
Wave 1/100 LED Mirage – $25

1/100 HG Astray Gold Frame Amatu $40

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  1. Zirocr

    Which MG Strike is it? Aile, Sword/Launcher, etc? Or is it JUST the strike without a pack?

  2. GameraBaenre

    It was the very first MG Strike kit.

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