So after many question, and my own promises of taking pictures and posting up a tutorial on what I did. Here are the steps done to convert a paint pressure pot to a resin casting pressure pot. The first picture is the complete setup; there are a few things that need to be attached to the out of the box pressure pot. Several fittings need to be added to plug up the various ends of the pot and an optional modification will help make the pot easier to use for casting larger items.

Starting with the optional modification. The pot has a metal tube that runs down the pot for extracting paint. I cut this tube out with a pipe cutting tool. Since the tube runs down the pot, removing it allows for casting of bigger items. The pot can be used with the tube in place, but in my uses, I have found that the tube just gets in the way.

Next I plugged up the exterior end of where the metal tube is attached. This is the end where a hose attachment that leads to a paint gun is attached for spraying paint. So this end needs to be closed up. The connection end is a 3/8″ pneumatic male connection. Since I wanted to use a drain valve that is a 1/4″ fitting, I needed to get an adapter fitting from 3/8″ to 1/4″. From there I have a coupler for which the drain valve is attached.

Next up, is the regulator/gauge setup. I plugged both ends with quick connect female ends. These are both 1/4″ fittings. I can then connect from the compressor to one of these ends, and with everything plugged up tightly, I can start pressure casting.

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  1. shenphong

    Wow, lol sorry for the badgering about it but damn, this will be helpful. Schools out and work has slowed time so finally have time to start on the casting project and this will definitely be added into your other tutorials I currently have. If it is ok, I’d like to link this to several other forums I am currently on for those who may find this useful. Thanks again Gamerabaenre, you’re my hero : )

  2. GameraBaenre

    Link away, the more folks can learn the better!

  3. Jerry

    I just ordered a pressure pot to do my castings. I currenty use a vacuum chamber and pump do degas my projects. Do you do both or just the presure casting. Does it remove every bubble?

  4. GameraBaenre

    Cure time and the quality of the resin/silicon will have an affect on the bubbles. I’ve had some perfect molds and castings. I haven’t tried the vacuum method but using the pressure pot, I’ve had no problems.

    The only problems I’ve run into is with poor silicon materials that left sizable bubbles.

    I’m now curious about folks that use a centrifuge to cast. But I think that may be going a bit overboard; heh, a pressurized centrifuge, now that should get rid of all bubbles.

  5. Jerry

    How do yo get that safety valve from busting at 40-50 psi? It pops and I can’t get it to stay in without taping it.

  6. GameraBaenre

    I replaced all the valves on the pot. The pot’s rated pressure is 80 or so, so I figured the max out put of 40 psi shouldn’t harm it.

  7. Jerry

    I was pressure casting today and all of sudden I heard a big boom. The lid on the tank warped and the regulator blew right off. I had it set at 45 psi. This is scary. I don’t know why it happened. It says it is rated for max of 80 psi. I was less than 3 feet away when it blew.


    hi there
    please can you or anyone help me to find and order a pressure pot??that could hold 90 -100 psi? I need to order a pressure pot fro the clearing of my resin please send me some links if there are any….I am from greece and I think the best would be to order from europe but I cant find a syplier…..thank you for your time
    and sory for my english


    if there is anything any link please send it here: thank you very much

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