Some helpful information for scuba diving in southern California. This stuff is important for dive planning. To optimize the best times for diving, I visit various sites to calculate the best date and time to hit the water. The first place I visit is a local Laguna Beach dive shop’s website that sends a diver out to check conditions and then posts the daily conditions on their site: Laguna Sea Sports’ Dive Condition Page

Another site for some great information about diving in California is the California Diving News site. The page has articles on dive locations, how to’s, dive boat schedules, etc. It is a wealth of information and definitely a must read for gathering information on the local dive locations.

Finally, weather forcasts are also good to browse when dive planning. is an excellent site for current and forecast marine conditions. Here’s a neat little wave height application from the swellinfo site:

Go to for free local Surf Forecasts, Surf Reports, Surf / Swell timelines, and more.

The current day’s wave conditions:

I will be adding more links and things I find for facilitating dive planning.

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