A little Saz progress, Valley Con 2014, and SCUBA Diving oh my!

It has been a while since my last update. Being social is starting to interfere with the Saz progression. I’ve also slacked off a bit on the pictures as well since the current progression was highlighted in the previous post and I’ve just been applying the same techniques as I did for the upper torso and head to the arms, lower torso, and skirts.

Last week, my friend Brian came out from his snow covered land of Mary toting his dive gear and fairly new dry suit that he picked up on his visit when I got married – almost 1 and a half years ago. Granted he did test his dry suit out locally in a pool, but hasn’t truly tested it with a real dive.

This past weekend was the annual Valley Con presented by the Pasadena Modeler’s Society. I like this show as they’re always changing things and not strict to the ideals and practices of the typical IPMS show; it is a nice little change of pace. Angel, Mike, and I planned on going representing TGG with some flyers. One of the venders at the event stood out to me as they sold LED packets for model lighting. Yes, this runs right up my alley. I figured they’d be a really good addition to SCGMC in November. We do have room for an additional vendor, and this won’t tread on the current vendor’s competition.

Details on diving as well as some videos and a little more discussions on Valley Con after the jump.


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Dive weekend at Shaw’s, Treasure Island, and La Jolla

Diving weekend at Shaw’s Cove, Treasure Island, and La Jolla Shores. I went Friday off Laguna Beach with one of the model building friends who also dives. Visibility wasn’t all that great, but we got to dive. On Saturday, I woke up early and went down to San Diego for a couple of dives at La Jolla Shores.


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Scuba diving weekend and a little work on Velvet

This weekend, I relaxed with a bit of Scuba Diving. The first attempt was made on Friday afternoon, but upon reaching the beach and pulling out the gear to get ready, I realized that I had left a very important piece of equipment at home, my stupid mask. So no diving on Friday. I was successful Saturday morning, even got some very cool pictures. I snapped a picture of a Leopard Shark about 15-20 feet away. I got a little bit of work on Velvet over the weekend as well, mostly surface fixes. Sunday, I did an evening dive at Shaw’s Cove. And for good measure, a picture of Duke passed out on his back…


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Current SoCal Wave Heights

Some helpful information for scuba diving in southern California. This stuff is important for dive planning. To optimize the best times for diving, I visit various sites to calculate the best date and time to hit the water. The first place I visit is a local Laguna Beach dive shop’s website that sends a diver out to check conditions and then posts the daily conditions on their site: Laguna Sea Sports’ Dive Condition Page


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