Getting down to the home stretch for this project. This weekend saw work on the base. The base is from Michaels and is unfinished wood. An example of what the wood looks like in comparison to the finished base is the first picture. The unfinished wood is sanded down. Once sanded down, it is stained with an ebony stain. Allowing that to dry, the base is sprayed with several layers of clear gloss. After several layers, the final layer is sanded down with high grit sanding pad to smooth out all the rough edges frozen in the cured clear gloss. A final clear gloss leaves the base in a ultra smooth glossy finish.

Most of the parts are curing after final detail painting and have been sprayed with clear gloss on some pieces to prepare those parts for detail washes. The other pieces are sprayed a final clear flat to finish them.

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The sword was painted black. Over the black, I used an enamel red to do a “wash” for the lines and sunken areas. The enamel red is applied and allowed to dry over night. Then cleaned up the next day with a paper towel and some lighter fluid. Since the black paint is lacquer based, the lighter fluid only removes the enamel paint leaving the black unharmed.

One the cleaning fluid is dry, the sword is sprayed with a semi gloss to seal everything and apply a final finish to the sword.

The veil and other clear pieces were sprayed with a mixture of clear red and clear blue to create a clear purple. The clear pieces are sprayed and left to cure.

Once the clear purple is cured. Enamel black is hand painted on the raised details and allowed to cure.

With everything cured; I mixed some micro pearl powders into a small bottle of clear gloss to create a pearl gloss.

The clear pearl gloss is sprayed over the clear parts to give a final pearl finish.

Once the above is cured, the next step is to spray a clear gloss to both seal in the pearl layer but also create a deeper pearl finish.

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