The project is finally coming to an end with this update. The last bit of detail work was to apply some black pastels on the edges of the dress to create some burn marks as per the original box art. The cape was first coated with a flat finish. Once that cured, the pastels will stick best to the flat coated surface. A q-tip is used to feather the pastels to blend the surface. Another clear flat is sprayed over the pastels to seal them in.

More final steps and completed picture gallery after the jump.

After everything is cured, the parts are glued together in subassemblies. The skirt piece is assembled. The veil, bow, and hat piece is assembled. The hands along with the clear frill and chains are glued together.

The head and hair is attached to the main body and we have a quick snap of the legless/armless wonder.

Yesterday, the subassemblies are glued and left to cure overnight. Rushing at this point only ends in screwing things up. The final assembly will have to wait until today.

And with that, all the major subassemblies are glued together and we have the finished project below.

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