This is a very simple mod to replace those ugly as sin rubbery cables that come with 1/144 Zaku. I used some 22 awg solid cable as the base. Wrap a few turns of 28 awg magnet wire and clipped away the excess. Then slipped on a metal collar from an aftermarket metal gunpla parts seller like Adler’s Nest, HiQa or any number of other sellers of such products. Then repeated the process to make a new and much better looking Zaku Cable. A very short and simple tutorial.


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  1. Giganscudo

    I was just talking about this topic with a friend. We are currently going through the HGBF Zaku Amazing, affectionaly known as the Amazing Brick due to the restrictions on torso swiveling put by the plastic tubing on its waist.
    Maybe this mod and some elastic cabling will help with the restricted movement.

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