May 5, 2015; 7:30 PM Pacific Standard Time.

This will be our second broadcast of Those Gundam Guys and associated modelers live. The idea here is to take a 2 hour block of time during the weeknight and do what most of us are doing anyways; building. Opening our workbenches and paint booths to the world in hopes of inspiring others to build. I know that our last broadcast two weeks ago, got one modelers over a stump they were stuck on, and helped them progress with a project that was stalled.

We will have two moderators, one that controls the broadcast content, switching between the potential 8 builders to focus on their projects. The other moderator will focus on relaying the questions posted in the comments section and hopefully help keep the broadcast as interactive with the audience as possible.

I know that I get most of my building after work on the weekdays. And a good number of us build at this time too; so it’s a perfect time to help promote the hobby, inspire folks to build, and answer questions about techniques and build styles live and interactively with the gunpla community.

If we are successful, we plan on cycling the builders to help show a wider range of modelers. Currently, the plan is to broadcast once every two weeks; but if there is the audience we may start doing broadcasts once a week: Gunpla Night Live so to speak.

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