After fiddling with some options for adding an easy way to sell our SCGMC T-shirts we have left over from previous years; I finally settled on one and created a store. Currently, there is only our SCGMC Just Build It shirt from last year. But once we have our 2015 SCGMC shirts printed, we will have some of those available in a limited supply as well. The store also allows us to explore an easy way to sell some old kits that can be long out of production resin kits, conversion kits, or just plastic kits we’ll never get around to building. Another option is to offer 3D printing services as well as silicone mold making and resin casting services. I know that there are some interests in the clear resin eye piece for the Grimoire kit. And since I already have the mold for that, pumping out some clear eye pieces for folks shouldn’t take too long.

I’ve added a link to the store along the top menu bar as well as in the sidebar, there is easy access to the shopping cart as well as links to the store via the various product categories. Again, for now, just the shirts from last year, but check back, I’ll most likely post up the Grimoire clear eye piece for sale too.

Check out our store here: Those Gundam Guys Store

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