Quick update from the past couple of days. I pinned and glued most of the two part pieces and filled the gaps using epoxy putty. Below is the robe piece in a vice while the epoxy glue dries.


I took some videos of the processes while I continued work on her. Seams were filled with epoxy glue, then once the glue cured, I threw on some epoxy putty, and finished the rest of the night puttying the hair and other pieces that needed it.

kanu1_6_prog%20029_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog%20023_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog%20024_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog%20026_jpg.jpg

With this update, I added three new tutorials to my tutorials page:
Resin Figure Pinning
Resin Figure Flash/Mold Line Removal
Resin Figure Gap Filling

Click here for more pictures on the progress page.

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  1. Infornography

    Lookin good! What brands of epoxy glue and putty do you use Gam?

  2. gamerabaenre

    Watch the videos, all your questions should be answered :D But the putty is tamiya epoxy quick type. I don’t remember the brand of epoxy glue, but it is a 5 minute expoy and you should be able to see the brand labels in one of the videos…

  3. The Unholy

    I’ve just got to say that the video tutorials have been very helpful; I’ve picked up quite a few tips for techniques I didn’t know before, and for better ways to do the building steps I already do. The one showing how to do faded weathering without an airbrush was especially helpful. Also, I’ll definitely have to switch to the Tamiya putty; a workable timeframe of an hour sure beats the 30 seconds or so that my current choice of Squadron White goes for! :D

    Keep up the great work!

  4. gamerabaenre

    Thanks! I have used other epoxy putties such as aquamend and milliput. I find that milliput’s consistency is too clay like and I didn’t care for that. The aquamend, which is fairly cheap, sands down to a rough surface, even after fine tune sanding. Tamiya Epoxy Putty smooth type takes a little too long to cure and was still soft to the touch when it was cured.

    I find myself buying Tamiya Epoxy Putty Quick Type every time I see it in a hobby shop. Of late, the stuff has become hard to find as tamiya is doing something with their labels. Most of my local shops are out of the stuff, I may have to order some from Japan.

    The nice thing to the epoxy putty is that it cures via chemical reaction as opposed to evaporation like most basic putties cure; this reduces the shrinkage that occurs.

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