The past two days finished most of the major painting steps. Now I have a bunch of little touch ups, fixes, and some minor details to add to the kit and I can slap on the “finished” label. As of tonight, she looks like this:

Starting off from the last update, the eyes got a clear coat that was allowed to dry/cure over night. The eyes were masked the following day so that the skin tones can be painted.

The skin tones are basic, start off with the dark skin tone base coat and followed with a very light tone to highlight the high points. Everything is blended together with a medium skin tone color to finish everything off. Eye mask is removed.

The shoulder piece is masked off.

The main body is painted with the same base color as the hair as I wanted a dirty look to her dress. It was then highlighted with a light gray and blended together. As a complete oversight, I missed a small sliver of skin between the dress and ruffles. I had to let the paint dry over night before I could return and address the mistake.

The small sliver of skin is fixed, then everything below the ruffles are masked off and the base coated with a dark gray followed by a white second coat.

Areas that need attention now is the gap in the hair. I originally planned to fix gaps I expected on both sides of the hair pieces as they slide next to the middle piece, but the right side gap is non existent and looks very natural, so I only have to deal with the left side.

When masking and pulling the mask off the back near the ruffle part, a piece of paint chipped off down to the bare resin. This happens and it’s a pain in the ass. But what can you do, it happens. I’ll need to wait for the paint to cure then go in with a small sanding implement and smooth out the area between the chipped paint and the bare resin surface, mask off the area and repaint it. This should be a fairly quick fix.

Last area of fixing is the front near the sliver of skin that I had missed a few days ago. I’ll be touching this small area up with a brush and hopefully that will cover that issue.

Other than these three fixes, I still have a few minor details to do before she’ll be complete. So far I’m right on track to finish her by ValleyCon.

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