Mar 042010

The last bits of touch ups, minor details, and final gap filling for the hair was done these past two days. Pretty quick little kit, I can see the attraction to doing little busts like these. Quick fun build fix. Now I can relax and just have fun for the rest of my weekend which begins now. WEEEEEE.

Starting with the gap in the hair. A little light curing putty is placed to fill the gap then down the gap the putty is shaped to match up the hair waves. Cured, the putty is sanded, then painted and done.

Minor details such as the eye brows and lips are painted. All the parts are now glued together and the little name plate sticker is cut and placed on the wood block. The glossy surface helps keep the sticker from peeling off too soon.

The last bit of work is the chalk pastels to dirty up the figure. She’s seen sweeping, cleaning, and just doing all the menial labor jobs when we are introduced to her, so having a pristine and clean looking Cosette at this age just didn’t seem right.

And with that, she’s done.

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