Jul 182012

Yep, it’s been a while. But life got pretty busy for a while so the episode we filmed in mid April is just now getting publication. It was mostly edited for a while, but getting a new job, and the major work on the house sorta took priority. But fear not, we have 2 other episodes in the can; I just need to focus and get those edited and the series will continue. This episode introduces my co-host and fellow modeler Dan Salas AKA Funaka. I also got camera operators, Dave and Angel; so this should be a vast improvement over the first episode. There is still a bit of a learning curve so the episodes should be improving as we make more; and hopefully we’ll have subject matter to make more. Eventually, we would like to focus on specific techniques and possibly discuss the different methods of execution.

The episode length was halved in comparison to the first episode as an hour long episode is just too much work and just too long for folks to sit through. We’re doing episodes that are about 25 or so minutes long. Thie episode covers painting and most of the materials and techniques that we as a collective gunpla model building group use for gunpla model building. Do not hesitate to submit requests for episode topics or comments on how we can improve the series.

Sep 072008

For eye painting, I use several items, a rapidograph technical pen that has a .13mm tip, your standard mechanical pencil, enamel paints, lighter fluid for thinning, a reference picture, and a blank sheet of paper. Following all the steps after the jump and all the videos, the final result is this:

kanu1_6_prog 278_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 279_jpg.jpg

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Sep 062008

As a companion to the previous post, Masking Kanu, I also have videos I took during the process. I wasn’t able to upload the pictures since I didn’t have time to convert the video files to flash format so better Nate than Lever…. Videos after the jump.

kanu1_6_prog 237_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 238_jpg.jpg

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Aug 212008

This is a small tutorial update. I’m finally catching up with putting some of the videos that I finished right before Anime Expo up on the site, and updated three of the tutorial pages with the videos and technique descriptions.

Light Curing Putty
Wet Sanding
Resin Scrubbing with the Ultrasonic Cleaner

As I get going on painting Kanu, I will be making more videos and hopefully making regular updates to the tutorial pages.

Jun 022008

I was finally able to sit down and shoot some videos for the weathering processes of the dirty Nu kit. So with that done, here are some pictures of the complete Nus… well about as complete as they can be for the time being. I still haven’t finished the weapons or funnel systems for both kit, and I will be getting to that, hence the lack of a complete page. They aren’t quite done yet, but getting there.

hguc_nu_prog%20210_jpg.jpg hguc_nu_prog%20223_jpg.jpg

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May 212008

Quick update from the past couple of days. I pinned and glued most of the two part pieces and filled the gaps using epoxy putty. Below is the robe piece in a vice while the epoxy glue dries.


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