Iwata HP-C Care Tutorial

This is a tutorial for properly taking apart and cleaning the Iwata HP-C airbrush. Note that I only do this thorough of a cleaning, once a month to once a quarter depending on how often I use the tool, or how dirty it gets. For this I use the needle wrench that comes with the airbrush, silicon free airbrush oil to lubricate the parts when done cleaning, a small cup to hold cleaner fluid, and blue shop towels I get from the local hardware store.

take_apart_airbrush 001_jpg.jpg


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MG ∞ Justice Commission part 2

With everything sanded and ready for paint, the major subsections are broken down and then thrown into a bath of the purple power soup for about 20-30 minutes. I admit that this is overkill in terms of preparing the kit for paint; however, there is a reason for my insanity. In the past, I have run into problems of small dirt particles, oils from my fingers, and other random anti paint sticking surface problems. So to save myself from the potential rework of paint lifting off the surface, I just soak the parts in some industrial strength cleaner for a short period and go through a fairly quick and painless cleaning process.

ij_comm 022_jpg.jpg ij_comm 023_jpg.jpg


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