Diving for Scallops

This past Saturday, I decided to go diving for some scallops, as folks were coming over to drink and play rockband. Originally, I set my alarms for 6:00 AM but completely slept through them and woke up a little past 8:30. I got up and headed out towards Laguna Beach. The sky was cloudy, but by the time I reached the beach, it had cleared up and was shaping up to be a very nice day. I got to the treasure island dive spot and geared up. I brought the camera along in the case I see something interesting, I wasn’t out for photography, but to get scallops, so the photography will be limited.


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Dive weekend at Shaw’s, Treasure Island, and La Jolla

Diving weekend at Shaw’s Cove, Treasure Island, and La Jolla Shores. I went Friday off Laguna Beach with one of the model building friends who also dives. Visibility wasn’t all that great, but we got to dive. On Saturday, I woke up early and went down to San Diego for a couple of dives at La Jolla Shores.


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Scuba diving weekend and a little work on Velvet

This weekend, I relaxed with a bit of Scuba Diving. The first attempt was made on Friday afternoon, but upon reaching the beach and pulling out the gear to get ready, I realized that I had left a very important piece of equipment at home, my stupid mask. So no diving on Friday. I was successful Saturday morning, even got some very cool pictures. I snapped a picture of a Leopard Shark about 15-20 feet away. I got a little bit of work on Velvet over the weekend as well, mostly surface fixes. Sunday, I did an evening dive at Shaw’s Cove. And for good measure, a picture of Duke passed out on his back…


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Shaw’s Cove and Treasure Island – May 30, 2009

The conditions over the weekend were once again amazing, so Stan and I planned on meeting up at Shaw’s between 7-7:30 for a dive. We wanted to get there early to avoid the crowds. But this is prime scuba class season, and when we got there, there were 3 separate classes. There were a good number of other divers around as well. The drawbacks to having so many divers in the water is that they tend to kick up the sand and visibility drops as a result. And in some of the inner reef areas of shaw’s, it’ll get crowded. It’s like trying to enjoy a drive up PCH in traffic. But I did get some nice pictures.


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