Sep 052008

Today’s update is all about masking Kanu so that I can paint some detail areas. I use four different masking techniques. For the areas that boarder between the masked and unmasked areas, I use tamiya masking tape. Tamiya masking tape is very thin and is easily cut with a very sharp(brand new) hobby knife blade. Below is the part ready for masking, I will be masking off the skin areas to paint the body wrap and the hair.

kanu1_6_prog 223_jpg.jpg

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Apr 072008

Time for a small weekend update. Actually, this is work done from near the end of last week and sunday night. I had a fairly busy weekend so I didn’t get as much as I wanted done, but progress is moving along.

I did a quick assembly of most of the parts for a primed vs snapped comparison picture:


Next up, I found the back of the knee cables a little bland, so using some magnet wire, I wrapped around them creating some springs. Hopefully this will look good when I finish painting this part.

hguc_nu_prog%20052_jpg.jpg hguc_nu_prog%20055_jpg.jpg

Initial base color for the white parts were painted on, I used Intermediate Blue from Mr Color.


Finisher’s Pure White was then sprayed on using the intermediate blue as a preshade color:


Closer comparison pictures

hguc_nu_prog%20062_jpg.jpg hguc_nu_prog%20073_jpg.jpg