Wiring the 1/144 Heat Hawk

A few days ago, I posted about making clear resin heat hawk by making a mold of the existing heat hawk, then throwing in a string of LEDs in the mold when I poured the clear resin. The resin has had some time to cure and I’ve had some time to ponder the next great question. “How the hell am I going to power this damn thing up?” One of the TGG folks not so innocently asked the question. For which I honestly answered that I had no idea and that I would solve that problem eventually. I already had a few ideas, I could replace the upper handle of the axe and run some wires through there and then through the hands, through the body, and have the battery and switch assembly somewhere on the base of the project. That seemed a little too much work. Laziness is the mother of invention. I decided to completely self contain the power source as well as the switching assembly. Here’s a video of that through process and how it all works out:

After the jump, I go through the pictorial and more wordy version of what I did in the shot 6 minute long video.


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Lighting the 1/144 Super Heat Hawk

I didn’t get much work on this project this week. We had our broadcast and I did some work finishing up the other side of the Guntank’s tracks, but more on that later. Starting off with the heat hawk, the thing is massive, so I figured I’d light up the damn thing. The first step is to glue to two halves of the hawk’s blade together and fill in the gap on one side of the blade. I just used Mr white putty and filled in the area. Once cured, the excess is sanded as well as the seams and I’m left with the below.

From that, I did this:

See how I got from the first picture to the second after the jump!


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