The Last Two Weeks, Part 1

So the last two and a half weeks and have been a whirlwind of activity. Yuki’s brother and sister in law in town, a trip to Vegas, out of town friends coming into town, Orangecon 2012, a trip to Monterey/San Francisco, a short excursion under the sea, Yuki’s parents in town, my aunts and uncles in town, my cousins in town, and more friends in town. Up to my eyeballs in activities. But it was damn fun now that just about all visitors have left, and I’ve been back to work since the beginning of this week. Things are slowly returning to their normal, yet oddly busy schedule. The year’s not quite done with us yet as there’s still a full schedule come November with the group’s Book of Mormom outing and SCGMC 2 posted below. With my left hand slightly heavier; I’ll get some highlights from the past few weeks out before they are archived and possibly forever forgotten.

Strap in, this is going to be one of those posts, but at least I’m going to do this in two parts…


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Vegas for Dave’s Bachelor Party

This past weekend was spent with VERY little sleep, miles of walking, gambling, and copious amounts of alcohol. This was all in the name of Dave’s bachelor party. Angel, Nicky, and I also hit up the Shark Reef exhibit at the Mandalay Bay and Red Rock Canyon just 10 or so miles north of Las Vegas. It was a damn good trip. I slept for about 11 hours last night just to recover from the weekend.


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Labor Day Weekend: Down by the River

This past weekend was Labor day weekend, so a few of the model building friends and some of their friends set out to Arizona for a weekend of drinking, shooting, gambling, and water sports. One of the model building guy’s parents have a vacation house cross the river from Needles California that was built last year, so he invited us out there for the weekend.


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