Pictures from the past few weekends…

Here are a collections of pictures taken over the past couple of weekends. I went diving with a co-worker on the 4th. On the 11th, Angel, Nicky, Terry, and I went to a Clippers’ game courtesy of a co-worker of Terry’s who had the tickets and wasn’t planning on using them. This past weekend, the east coast crew came out for a visit; they flew in Thursday night and flew out on Monday morning.

scuba_4_4_09 001_jpg.jpg clippers_4_11_09 007_jpg.jpg east_cast_crew_4_2009 078_jpg.jpg


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Back in the water… hooray for SCUBA!

It has been almost a full year since I last dived Laguna Beach, or off the coast of California for that matter. So on Saturday, I had my first dive of the year. It feels damn good to be back in the water. The conditions from earlier in the week were amazing. The water was as still as a lake, and the visibility was about 30-35 feet. I hoped the the conditions kept up for my dive on Saturday. The conditions were fairly good. Not the 30 feet that had been posted earlier the week. The surf was kicking up a bit, so it was a little surgy but not bad. Visibility was very nice. Temperature on the surface was about 85 or so degrees. Not too bad for the middle of January. Temperature at the 25 feet was 56. I had a hole in my glove so my left hand was a little cold. Enjoying my first day back to diving, I decided to go again today, Sunday. Below are pictures taken from the top and from the water.

scuba_1_17_09 100_jpg.jpg scuba_1_18_09 001_jpg.jpg


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