Random post of last week’s activities…

It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to sit down and write out a post. Last week, I had a business trip out to Richmond, Virginia; so taking the opportunity, I also flew up to New York to visit Jason, Claire, and my newborn godson Jackson. Getting back to LA Monday morning, I went to work for a few hours then went home. More parts for the subie came in so I did up those mods before crashing out. Yesterday, I got some paint on the diorama base. This post will be a mishmash of things starting last week.


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Unicorn… again…but at least some GMs got done

Last week, I got a call from the local distributor, he needs some work done on the Unicorn statue. It’s been to several cons this past summer and over the travels to the various events, it has gotten a little beaten up here and there. One carrier even opened the sucker up in mid-freight exposing it to sunlight which yellowed a great deal of spots. This time, the beast was delivered to Funaka’s house so that we could work on it. In other news, I’ve been slipping in the last bits and pieces of work needed for the GM squad. It’s been a damn crazy busy week. I didn’t even have time this weekend save Friday to spray on the first layer of clear flat onto the parts.


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Last HWB for the season and GM work.

This past weekend was the final Hollywood Bowl performance for the 2011 season. I did not specifically pick this event, more so than it was part of the subscription I got that had several shows I was interested in, with only a few shows that I was not. This was one of them but I was still entertained by most of the show. Last week I also finally got back into the groove of working on the damn GMs. I actually did the masking and major detail painting done before working on the subie’s lights. And sporadically over this past weekend, I also got the decals done for all four GMs.


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September 2011 Model Build Gathering

This past weekend was the model build gathering for September. A bunch of folks that haven’t been back to the gathering for awhile showed up – Jay, Miko, Artur, etc. Good to see some of the old faces. Art showed up with a few boxes of random kits that he received from a friend that had passed on, so instead of the trash bin, he felt the kits may find some good homes with the folks from the build gathering. It’s hilarious to see the sudden reaction when the phrase “free kits’ are uttered. After the grab fest, about one box full of kits was left over and we suggested that Sean take it as a donation to IPMSOC’s annual distressed kit auction event.


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