Velvet: “I’m waiting for Vicini, he told me to go back to the beginning”

And I really wasn’t satisfied with how Velvet’s eyes came out, so I dunked the entire face into some Mr Color thinner and ran the ultrasonic cleaner and scrubbed all the paint off. Time to start from the beginning. This was done over the past weekend while my friend was out here for a diving trip, so down time after each dive day was spent working on our respective kits. And this allowed me to be fairly patient with Velvet’s eyes.


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Eyes for Asagi (井河アサギ)

Not much of an update since I wanted the allow the flat coat on the skin parts as well as the clear purple on the appendages cure for a few days before masking them off and continuing with the painting. So I opted for painting the eyes and face details for Asagi last night. Below is the basic start and end points.

asagi_prog 138_jpg.jpg asagi_prog 175_jpg.jpg


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Resin Anime Figure Eye Painting Tutorial

For eye painting, I use several items, a rapidograph technical pen that has a .13mm tip, your standard mechanical pencil, enamel paints, lighter fluid for thinning, a reference picture, and a blank sheet of paper. Following all the steps after the jump and all the videos, the final result is this:

kanu1_6_prog 278_jpg.jpg kanu1_6_prog 279_jpg.jpg


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