The Last Two Weeks, Part 2

Continued from the previous post, last we left off, it was Saturday, and we had just gotten back from Las Vegas the day before. Saturday was filled with OrangeCon activity as well as an attempt to dive that evening. The following morning Jeff, Sylvia, Lil Shoes, Yuki, Brian, and I would pile into the minivan and head up towards Monterey.


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Ski Trip, Diving, and more Sazabi work…

It has been about two weeks since my last update post. Not because I’ve stopped work on the Saz, but because I went on my annual ski trip vacation to Lake Tahoe. The vacation was longer than previous years as I added a side excursion to Monterey to the end of the trip. I got back to LA last Wednesday and was back to working on the Saz by the weekend. Progress on it has been a little slow as I was still recovering from the week long vacation. This should be a fairly long post. The Saz progress will be at the end of the post so click here to skip down.


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