Work continues. I wasn’t satisfied with the masking and painting job for the leg lines. The damn things are very difficult to do; so for the last few days, I’ve been thinking about how to best remedy the situation. I came down to a few potential solutions and tried them out. I also returned to working on the base.

Leg work

I sprayed on a clear gloss to protect the skin tone first and foremost. With skin tone protected by a layer of gloss, I can now try different techniques for fixing the lines. At the same time, I applied my standard decal tattoo; and set the decal with Mr Mark Softer.

The first technique I tried for the lines was to use an enamel wash. The wash was a little too messy and wasn’t really working out too well. Next up with the copic .05 liner. This seemed to work decently, and clean up was much easier than with the wash. Mistakes were taken care of with the handy dandy lighter fluid. I’m still not overly pleased with the finish, but the next step should help.

Next up, the same smoke gray that I used for the transparent panties, I used here to give the legs the look that she’s wearing stockings. Since there were already stocking line details, I didn’t feel like sanding down the lines and sculpting them, cutting the shoes off, and creating a nylon sock as her stockings. Besides, I have yet to create the illusions of stockings through the use of paints. I think it came out decently. I also sprayed on a clear semi gloss to drop the ultra glossy finish that was left after spraying the clear smoke gray. The smoke gray also worked to fill in some of the rough areas on the lines and mesh everything together. The legs are still fairly glossy, so if necessary, I can still go back and work on the lines, but for now, I’m decently satisfied.

The Base

Masking the base off and painting the base seemed a little too tedious, so I’m going to try a new technique for painting the gold details. So I’m going to use the benefits of the different paint properties of lacquers and enamels for this technique. First, the base is painted with finisher’s pure black which is a gloss and lacquer based paint. Over this, I used finisher’s hot gold (red gold) and just sprayed the details areas. A gloss black base is the best surface for metallic paints. Next up will be the continuation for this technique; a layer of gloss black enamel.

Chain work will complete this update. For the chain, I applied a dry brushing session of aluminum to give it some added depth. I still need to finish sanding and working on the rest of the chain parts.

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