June’s model build gathering was smaller than the previous month. A few folks are working more so that they can take the first week of July off for Anime Expo. So this was a nice relaxing build gathering. We had one new member to the group and hopefully he’ll come back and start building seriously like the rest of the group. Scott’s starting to move away from 1/400 and smaller scaled kits to a 1/144.

The weather was nice, so it was time to fire up the grill. The past few gathering dinners were spent at various food joints local the house. The folks were notified that the grill will be fired up so gtetra brought over some tri tip. I’ve never grilled tri tip, so a quick look up for some general recipes gave me enough ideas to get me rolling. Into some gallon sized ziplock bags: garlic powder, pepper, salt, splash of balsamic vinegar, splash of soy sauce, a cup of whiskey, a little sugar for balance, and a few other spices I found in the spice rack. The meats were rinsed and then I took a knife and punched a few slits into the various sides of the meat to help facilitate the marinade’s job; then the meat rounds were dropped into the bags to sit for a few hours before being thrown onto the grill.

The wood charcoal was fired, and onto the grill the meats went. About half an hour on the first side, then fifteen on each of the other sides. Pulling them off the grill, the tri tips are wrapped in foil and let to rest while the rest of the food is cooked. After resting for about 15-20 minutes, the meat is carved up like a ham and served. The above cooking time put the meat at medium rare. A little rare for some of the folks, but beef isn’t meant to be cooked well done. End of discussion.

More shots of Scott’s 1/144 kit which he is bashing with some other things to create something pretty damn cool.

The past several build gatherings were fairly alcohol free. But with Terry’s clean bill of health, it was time to drop shots like there was no tomorrow. Jager, Jager, Tequila, Tequila, Tequila, beer, Tequila, amaretto sour, whiskey sour, and finally water. Good times.

And the resulting drunken antics:

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    Do you live in LA? That is a awesome gathering. Man I wish I can have a get-to-get-her for gunpla building.

  2. GameraBaenre

    yes, this is all done near LA… Placentia, CA which is near Fullerton/Brea/Yorba Linda. Folks come from San Diego, San Fernando Valley, etc to the monthly gatherings.

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