Diving before work. Taking advantage of the great conditions, I ended up going Friday morning. There were several divers out there when I arrived. There were three divers suiting up when I parked and started getting ready. I entered the water just before they did. I snapped a few pictures of them while I kicked out to the drop zone.

Two of the three divers were hanging out around the archway taking pictures. So I took some pictures of them. I ended up just hanging out with them for most of my dive. One of them showed me a picture of a very nice nudibranch that he found. So after he showed me, I ended up spending the rest of my dive looking for the damn thing.

Sea star, octopus hidden in a crevice, and an anemone.

I did find the nudibranch, but I had trouble taking pictures of the tiny little creature. It doesn’t help that I only have one strobe so I’m getting harsh shadows when I try to take really closeup pictures. I adjusted the angle, the strobe, and various settings while snapping pictures. Here’s what I have.

After the dive, I was feeling pretty good and headed to work. However, a few hours into work, the fatique from diving hit me and it was very difficult to stay alert and awake. Note to self, for future reference, I need to get at least 12 hours of sleep before attempting to dive before work; that or I just need to get back into some sort of atheistic shape….

There was also a diving class out there when I arrived. As I was getting out, they were just starting to suit up. Good thing I went in early. Shaw’s cove is usually fairly crowded with divers. At least at the last couple of dives there, there were plenty of other divers.

Here is a video of the canyon just south of the archway:

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