This year’s SCGMC special theme is the Bearguy and all shapes, styles, and variants of the popular kit. To go along with our theme, we created a cute Bearguy themed shirt design. We have one in Pink and one in Blue. Wear them proudly! We currently have a limited number of these shirts, about 30 for each color. Like our other shirts, get them while you can, because you never know when we’ll get a chance to reprint more. Here are what our Bearguy shirts look like:

The other design we have is in even more limited numbers because we’re not sure how many people would really get the tongue in cheek joke here. The term elitist has gotten a bad reputation; but for those builders that have spent time honing their skills and becoming better, and teaching others how to build and get better; this is for you guys. You are truly the gunpla elite. You have helped judge gunpla events, you have helped critique others’ builds, and you have passed on your experience and knowledge to new and experienced builders alike. The granddaddy RX-78 stabbing its eyes out meme has been around and I even built a chess piece version of that meme years ago. Our other shirt we have up for sale now is based off the chess piece designed by our own Bhop: the Gunpla Elitist T-Shirt. Get your elitist shirt while supplies last and wear them proudly at any gunpla event you attend!

This also helps us bring you guys SCGMC every year, so every dollar spent goes right back into making the competition bigger and better!

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