I picked up this fat little bastard last weekend and started working on it during the build gathering. And surprisingly; I was fairly motivated and continued working on the kit a little at the time each day. I had another project on going as well, so the wait times for things was productive as I’d just switch between the projects. I still have a few things to do, but the Levi bust is coming along and should be completed within this week if I continue to be productive. But back to the Gusion. From the last update, I had the internal frame and some thrusters painted. The internal frames cured, they were masked off so that I can combine outer armor areas that had seams. The forearms has a seam that runs down the middle, so in the first picture below; I have the part with the plastic ooze from the seam work, and then the comparison part after the cured plastic ooze is sanded away. Pretty decent fill. But I did need to do some filling with putty; but only two pieces.

Next, the parts were fully sanded, and to check the seam work, I sprayed a layer for Mr Surface 1000 as a primer. This works to show the seam work, show any additional sanding areas, fill in small scratches, neutralize the base green color, and act as a good surface for future paint layers.

I decided to try a little sticky tack masking, so I rolled out little worms and masked off the parts that I had painted in white. Once all the masking was done, I decided to spray a WRX World Rally Blue color that I had from when I ordered touch up paints for my old car. I originally wanted to do the white squiggly lines over green, but I sprayed some of this blue on the Levi bust and it just screamed to be painted on a kit. I’ve been meaning to spray this color on a kit, but just haven’t found the right kit.

After spraying, the masking is removed and we have the blue color with white squiggly lines.

I also made a quick 7 or so minute long video of the process, so check that out here:

After that, all that was left was the clear gloss and panel lines. Then final assembly and surprising, this project is done in a week. I wanted a quick little project and this 1/144 Gusion was perfect. No mods, jut straight out of the box – build and paint. I’m definitely looking forward to the 1/100 version now; and I’m planning on doing a few mods and painting that one completely different from this; so that will most likely take a little longer than a week.

On a funny note, while doing the final assembly; I noticed that I had built the shoulders upside down. *sigh* Since that part is seamed together, I will not try to correct this horrible oversight of the damn instructions. Hopefully I don’t screw this up on the 1/100 when I get to that.

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