So yeah, SCGMC is coming up November 9. I know there are a few folks flying in from other states coming to this event. Yeah, we’re growing, and the Gunpla community is starting to recognize this as an event worthy of travel. This year, we’ve taken some serious looks at the previous two years and have been doing so much more to better the event. Our organization is so much more complete than previous years.


Raffle prizes this year are even better, got a few New Master Grades, a Master Grade kit signed by Mr. Kawaguchi, two air brushes, resin figure kits, resin mecha kits, etc. We picked up an actual raffle cage, so folks don’t have to worry about the mess of trying to mix a tin box full of raffle tickets.

This year’s theme is Gundam Wing, so in addition to all your gunplas you’ve built over the past year, bring your Wing kits too. To go along with our theme this year, we have Wing Build t-shirts that will be up for sale at $15 per shirt, below is the design over a black t-shirt. They are in men’s cut, sizes XL, L, and Medium.


SCGMC 2013 Categories:

Category ID Category Description
1 Beginner/ Intermediate (all scales, all subjects)
2 Adv 1/100 and Larger Universal Century
3 Adv 1/144 and Smaller Universal Century
4 Adv 1/100 and Larger Alternate Universe
5 Adv 1/144 and Smaller Alternate Universe
6 Resin Anime Figure;
7 Mecha General
8 Diorama
9 Expert (all scales, all subjects)

All scales, all subjects

Advanced Level
1/100 and Larger Universal Century – 0079, 0080, 0083, CCA, V Gundam, F91, Unicorn etc
1/144 and Smaller Universal Century – 0079, 0080, 0083, CCA, V Gundam, F91, Unicorn etc
1/100 and Larger Alternate Universe – G-Gundam, Seed, AGE, Gundam00, etc
1/144 and Smaller Alternate Universe – G-Gundam, Seed, AGE, Gundam00, etc
Resin Anime Figures
Mecha General – Macross, FSS, Votoms, Linebarrels, Mospeda, etc
Diorama – 2 or more kits on a base that tell a story

Expert – All scales, all subjects
One entry per person
Suggested requirement of winning 1st or Best of Show at any previous SCGMC event. TGG staff that have won 1st or Best of Show at any previous SCGMC can ONLY enter this category. (otherwise, they are allowed to enter as many kits into the advanced level categories as well as one Expert category entry)

SCGMC Contestant Entry Form (one per entrant)
SCGMC Model Entry Form (one form per model)

For those interested in our judging methodology, here’s a break down of the point system we use:

Max points: 60 (the most points that any kit can possibly get)

Starting off, each kits has 40 points, following the below criteria, points are taken away.

Construction 20 points
-10 for seams, completely ignored seam work
-2 for glue marks
-2 for uneven sanding, surface scratches
-2 visible nubs
-2 for visible seams, seams that were obviously attempted, but lacking in execution
-2 visible gaps

Finish 20 points
-10 unpainted
-2 uneven/messy paint
-2 uneven paint tone (obviously unintentional)
-2 visible brush strokes (obviously unintentional)
-2 decal silvering
-2 missed panel lines

After the above is done, here’s a section to earn points.

Technical/Modifications 10 points
+1 electronic modification
+1 minor physical modification
+1 mobility modifications
+1 for OOB(using nothing else but what comes in the box and sticking with the colors recommended in the manual – seams and everything else must be done however, it’s not bonus points for snapping)
+2 resin kit/resin conversion kit
+2 working on older kit, pre 1990 or so
+2 major electronic mods
+2 major physical modifications

Presentation (kit presentation, base, posing, etc) 10 points
+1 dynamic pose
+1 base that isn’t just a unpainted plastic stand
+2 well done weathering
+2 well done ultra glossy finish
+2 well done diorama
+1 well done battle damage
+1 well done clean build

Although this guideline may sound harsh, the ultimate goal we at ThoseGundamGuys want is to get everyone building better, increasing their skills, creating inspiration, and just pushing the envelop for challenging one another!

See you guys at the show!

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