This past weekend was Tatsu Hobby’s Blue and Yellow Ball. This is one of their 4 quarterly contest and the theme was anything in either blue or yellow – at least one of those two colors and their shades much cover 70% of the kit. The contest officially starts at 1PM with the last entries submitted by 3PM, and they judging commences.

Video of the entries:

More about the contest after the jump

A good number of us in the past have not really competed much at our own SCGMC event so we figured a group of us could take the trip and surprise the NorCal folks. We had tried to keep the knowledge that we were going on the downlow so our builds didn’t mention anything, but there were a few folks not surprised that we attended.

We made some new friends and helped promote SCGMC even further. Since people make the effort to drive out to our event – it is only fair that we do the same to other events. So this is the first of a few events that we have planned on attending to help spread the gospel that is SCGMC.

There were four winners in 5 categories:

Best First Timer (First time attending a Tatsu Hobby event): Dan’s Zaku I
Best Blue Kit: My Gulf Custom Gusion
Best Yellow: Heng’s Nutrocker
Best of Show: Tom’s 1/144 Shiki

The last category was most improved, but since there wasn’t a significant improvement in the entrants from their last competition, that was thrown out.

We had a lot of fun and managed to sell a few of our newly reprinted TGG Shiki shirts:

So for those of you that have been waiting for a reprint, click the store and order your shirt while supplies last!

Here are a few pictures I took from the event.

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