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It’s 1:43 AM right now. Gtetra is in my workshop priming his GP04 conversion kit. CWModels is outside sitting with Acon chatting about anime, figures, shops, history, etc; Bhop is in the dining room working on gluing parts of his resin figure together; while I’m here uploading the hundreds of pictures I took and posting a report on the event…. Another successful model build night. Gtetra has had one beer, I’ve had one, and Bhop is on to his second or third… I haven’t really be paying much attention.

The organization and running of the event was fairly rough from my perspective. I did some last minute volunteer work to help out where one of our more established members ran into some personal issues. I helped out with the registration section. From my understanding, after the computers were brought up, we were never given the database of pre-registered folks. We did not have the proper forms for folks registering at the event. It was a complete cluster f. I spent most of day 1 and day 2 placating angry mobs of grumpy old modelers. The registration and other issues with the event are way beyond my level of involvement in the event, and I’m a fairly new member to the club. I heard quite a few people scream “I’m resigning my IPMS membership”. Hellp Mr Douchbag, it’s only plastic. So enough about the troubles that I saw. I at the very least tried helping out. Many folks from the club and other clubs stood up to help out, very cool things to see happen.

As a result of my experience in with the registration; I was able to meet a very lovely couple from Arizona. In an attempt to entertain the mass of disgruntled plastic geeks, I bought out my MG Gyan nad started to make it dance a little. The couple immediately in front of me asked, “so, is that some kind of toy?” *sigh* I then go on to take the thing apart and show the couple that it is in fact, a model. I then tell the couple that I will be giving three seminars on gunpla and resin figure building through the next three days. They came to every presentation. Much more than this is that I have made some great new friends in the model building community. Funny enough, after the initial presentation (where I showed the crowd my newly purchased 1/20 Brutishdog by Bandai from HLJ) I saw the couple browsing the Gundam section of HLJ. They asked for some recommendation and I suggested the new Zaku II 2.0; however, then ended up buying a Brutishdog. There is a disturbance in the force…. we just might be able to turn another one towards the dark side….

There were some incredible models at the event. Some I have seen at previous local IPMS shows, some dating back to the very first IPMS show that I entered… you can probably look back at the thumbnails from the previous years’ and pick them out. One modeler even brought in a total of 133 kits built by him alone. There was a ship that took the builder 20 years to complete. It required the builder to rent a uhal just to transport the kit (yes, he is a local member as well).

I got to spend time with like minded modelers. Help some modelers open up a greater understanding of gunpla models. And I met some great new friends that I hope will stay in contact. And I believe that this is the sole reason one should attend such events.

As an afterthought. Bhop (Brandon) won first place for his F1 in small scale
He also won a second place in the Fantasy Figure’s (anime split) for his Quattro
CWModels(chi) won a third place in the SciFi Vehicles (mecha split) for his VF-19 Macross Battroid
And I got to win a first in the Fantasy Figure’s (Anime split) for my dark elf
(which is a surprise since I figure’d Salya Mass would have taken it…)
And I took second for the SciFi dioramas for my newest work “Always watch your six Mischa” dio

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  1. Robert Jacobsen

    This is the lovely (not loving) couple from Arizona (Ahwatukee to be specific)reporting. Shari and I had a great time with all the folks at the event. Especially the sci-fi group. That includes you Clem! Of course we will never forget Brandon and Chi. Should there be a need for some english vernacular vocabulary building, you know where to go! All in all, I think we found another modeling genre to explore…to infinity and beyond…oh that’s what Buzz Lightyear would say! Ciao, Bob. p.s.- I don’t have a fancy or special email name, remember I’m over 50 and use the old language (some Latin required).

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