I finished the little bugger this past Friday right before heading out to Anime Expo for the weekend so I didn’t have any time to set a proper photo shoot. So tonight, here’s a quick and dirty little photo shoot for the little sucker. Kind of a quick build. I ended up using an entire bottle of alclad hot metal violet. Some pictures may be a bit on the overexposed side but that’s to show off the rather dark purple color. Otherwise, it looks fairly close to black.

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  1. Derringer

    People are blind if they think it’s black :p

  2. julian

    wow man, I just bought an iwata hi line brush! I can’t wait to start doing work like this! you are so good at what you do and hopefully I can be as good as you, for you and many other gunpla modelers inspire me to keep learning more and more! this kit looks bad ass man, you are a master :)

  3. Ken

    What was your base coat? Aclad gloss black > alclad chrome?

    I want to emulate a similar color, but not sure what is supposed to go under the hot metal violet.

    Also, how long did you wait between different coats?

  4. GameraBaenre

    I used a lacquer based gloss black. I don’t like Alclad’s enamel gloss black. The brand I use is called “Finisher’s” A japanese brand of lacquer paint. A good alternative is Mr Color Gloss Black. On top of that I sprayed alclad Polished Aluminum or Chrome, then over this I used the Hot Metal Violet. I will warn you, hot metal violet is meant as a tinting paint. For this model, I almost used then entire bottle. I do not recommend Hot Metal Violet. Alclad has some candy enamels (purple and violet or electric blue I believe) that would work better than the hot metal violet. Read the instructions on the alclad bottle and follow them. Paint a light layer, let it dry (according to the instructions) then paint the next layer. If you don’t the paint will pool and you get strange tones of dark and light areas. Build it up slowly, and I think 2 to 3 coats should be good.

  5. Ken

    I tried using the hot metal over chrome today but in getting this weird discoloration on the pieces. I’ve used almost a full bottle of violet and still the pieces barely look purple. When I tested it on spoons hey looked pretty dark but on the gundam itself it is so light. It went on dark but for some reason as it dried it lightened up quite a bit. I will try another bottle on the pieces but this time waiting 30 minutes or so between coats. I hope the color catches on and stays on.

  6. GameraBaenre

    Yeah, the hot metal color line is formulated for tinting purposes, not actually painting. So it will take LOTS of layers to create a decent color cover. Again, I do not recommend using this for a main color paint. The problem I run into is that I become impatient while painting and the paint starts to pool and almost looks like it has covered the part, but it hasn’t. When it dries, the middle areas become very light, and the edges become dark.

    I suggest you try alcald’s candy line, those colors are formulated for use as a main color. Do not waste your time and money on the hot metal colors unless you are using them for tinting or small parts.

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