Today, I fly out to Baltimore, actually Washington Dulles airport for the largest anime convention on the eastern seaboard; Otakon (Pronounced over there as oda-con). I missed the event last year. I like this event as it is very different from Anime Expo. The events and stuff are similar, and they both are anime conventions, but there is a different vibe. I enjoy both conventions, and it is difficult to compare them because their strengths and weaknesses are so different. If they were the same convention, I wouldn’t bother going to both.

Hopefully, I’ll get some time to talk with the folks from HLJ and start up a relationship with them since I staff AX. We’ll see how that goes, if the same guy that’s been going to Otakon is there, then I should have plenty to talk about with him.

There is a model contest at Otakon, and in previous years, the folks from Child Of Mecha congregated and competed, so it was actually a pretty damn good event. I think it has wanned in the past few years, as all model building seems to have waned; but I’m bringing a few kits out there. And I know MarkW will probably bring his Sazabi out there, so this will be some good times.

Additionally, I will be doing a Model Building Panel at Otakon. The issues I have is that I had to compress 6 hours of material to 1. What I normally get with a workshop at AX is 3 two hour sessions. Hopefully the panel will be successful and if I return to Otakon next year, I’ll be able to run the panel again, and hopefully with a bigger time slot.

Ok, my ride to the airport is here, time to head out. Not much content in this post, but hopefully, I’ll have 10 times as many pictures from this event than I did from AX; as I’ll have time to wander around and creepily take as many pictures of scantily clad young girls dressed up in skimpy anime costumes.

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  1. kurios

    LOL Kris was sitting outside waiting for you since about 9:10. 😛

  2. Chaosdoc

    You shoulda brought Bobby with you that way he could do all the creepy for you 😉 (sorry Bobby its just too much fun), or with you,or separately to distract attention away from each other…. oh I could go on….

  3. tetsujin

    Hm, wish I coulda’ gone to Otakon this year… Oh well…

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