Finally, some gunpla goodness. This weekend was the October Build Gathering. Folks came and went through out the day and evening and all said, we had about 26 or so people at the gathering. A good thing that they came and went, otherwise, we’d have to implement the patio table and living room tables like we’ve done in the past. I also got some work done of the Full Armor Gundam (FAG). More about the gathering and the FAG after the jump.

I started on the FAG about a few weeks ago. Progress has been slow because the kit is just a wee bit on the over engineered side. I pulled the core fighter from the Guntank kit I worked on several months ago. The only thing I sanded and snapped from that kit was the core fighter, so rather than waste time building another, I just swiped one already built. I like the gimmicks, but it will be interesting come time to paint.

I do like the retro goodness that is the Gundam 2.0 kit. Granted it is really over engineered for such a simple kit and a good number of the cool little gimmicks are completely hidden by armor and then the Full Armor pieces. Progress is slow and over the past week I managed to get the arms and head done. I got the torso done during the first hours of the build gathering.

It was not until very late in the evening that I finished the feet and actually got started on the Full Armor pieces. I find it kind of interesting that the instruction manual has the FA pieces as part of the “weapons”. Another interesting issue is that the FA parts are to be attached to the body with sticky tape. Folks at the gathering mention magnets and I laughed it off saying it’ll be too much work. But some how, in my tired stupor after several hours of clipping and sanding, I’ve managed to convince myself that it would be much better to incorporate magnets for the damn kit. But here’s what I have for the thing so far.

Now on to the build gathering. Good numbers this month. A few of the new guys from the previous gatherings made it out as well as some faces that we haven’t seen in a very long time. Chris made his triamphant return as well as the SD boys.

Dan’s working on his Cherudim 69 kit that he’s been pushing out very quickly. He spent 6 hours putting on decals, probably the most work he’s done at one of these build gathering in a very long time. Good to see such quick progress on this kit from him.

The valley boys came late as they were waiting on Kirk to get his shit together.

Kirk is working on I believe a monster hunter kit and doing all sorts of detail work for the ringmail armor. Pretty intense stuff.

Justin finished an HGUC Zaku kit from his time in Japan and the work is very good. Seams are well done and the kit is nicely painted and shaded. Not bad, his skills are progressing nicely. Guess his time spent at the gunpla building circles in Japan gets him a strong technical base.

Terry and Angel were working on dueling MG Os. Size comparison pictures first.

Terry and Angel raced through out the build gathering finally burning the f out fairly early in the evening. I think most folks ended around 10:30. Quite a bit of building was had all around.

Manny worked on snapping together a Gera Zulu kit, that we just took and snapped some fun little pictures with.

And who could forget the doggies at the gathering…

The rest of the pictures from the build gathering are here:

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  1. Manny

    Lol. I left the Gera Zulu in that pose on purpose

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