Continuing from where we last left you yesterday; the usual suspects returned today and we had some reinforcements later in the evening. Lakers won, I snapped random pictures with the RX-78, we decaled the ’78, and the Zaku got built; not a bad end to the day. On the way home, I picked up some sandwiches from Lee’s. When I got home, Jay, David, and Sharon were already there. Art had just got there when I pulled up. Angel and Sammy showed up shortly. Later in the evening, Hsiang Wei (Gtetra) showed up, and about two to five minutes after everyone leaves, Mitch shows up. Good thing he did, otherwise, we wouldn’t have finished the decaling for the ’78.

So before getting down to work on the Zeek, I took the Gundam around the house to snap some fun little action pictures. After eating dinner, everyone made their way over to the living room to start work on the Zaku.

Angel needs to get his foot fetish fix with building the feet before moving over to work on the decals. Sharon gets to organizing everything, Jay starts off on the torso, and I help out with one of the legs.

Hugo wanders around getting in everyone’s way, stepping on the instructions, the parts, etc and just not giving a damn. Beanie is being good and just hanging out in his crate.

Once the legs were built, Angel and I moved over to the dining room to start cutting the decals. The decals are stickers that come on a single sheet. The stickers are not pre-cut and it’s just one whole sticker sheet, so we needed to cut out the decals. Hsiang Wei showed up and started helping out with the decals as well.

Su came over and sorta helped out with the hands, guess she likes hand jobs. (as if you didn’t already see the set up and the joke coming…) The Zeek’s head is finished. The cables were kinda cool, they’re individual links that just pop together. At least there weren’t as many flash areas as the ’78. However, the design and engineering isn’t as nice as the ’78 which is kinda interesting. No lights or anything for the Zaku either. The monoeye is a bloody sticker. But the weapons for the Zaku are damn cool. Can’t mess with the heat hawk and the bazooka. Friggin awesome shit!

The Gundam’s head lights up and has a remote control unit with several buttons that when pressed, produce several different sounds and some lighting effects. Hugo hates odd sounds so you hear him in the background barking up a storm as I try to illustrate the cool sound and light effects on the head.

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The Zaku is finished in short order so we mess around with it a little.

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With the Zaku done; Jay takes off first, followed by Angel and Sam, then Sharon and David. They’ll be back the next day to help finish off the two beasts, then the real fun pictures will come. Not more than 5 minutes after the core group of people leave that Mitch shows up. He checks out the two monsters, then sits down to help out with the decals. Hsiang Wei joins us.

The kit definitely looks much better with the decals. And some pictures with a size comparison with Mr Keroro G3. As a side note, the weapons need to be screwed into the hand, and the shield rests on the elbow joint that replaces the joint cap. This joint piece can also be mounted on the back pack which is kinda cool. The thing looks like a bad ass with the shield and rifle.

And if ever there was a image of happiness in a gunpla modeler, this has got to be it:

Tomorrow should be a quick work to finish off the decals on the Zaku then on to the fun times with photographic evidence.

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