We had another successful build gathering this past Saturday. All said, we had 13 people show up. The build extended out to the front living room and we were building in two groups. I was able to get an airbrushing tutorial in, where I demonstrated thinning ratios, the value of air pressure control, spraying on a light tacky layer before spraying a heavier coat; and I also did a quick demonstration of pre shading – with some discussions on cure times.

I hope to get some more mini demos done in the coming build gatherings. Additionally, Sean F came up with a group build idea for the folks at the gathering to create for Anime Expo which is coming up in a little over 4 months. The idea is to create a Bar setting and use 1/144 sized mecha kits as the bar’s patrons. Click here to read more about “the Bar”.

Click here for more pictures from the build gathering.

build_gathering_2_23_08%20022_jpg.jpg build_gathering_2_23_08%20024_jpg.jpg build_gathering_2_23_08%20019_jpg.jpg

The Next build gathering is set for Saturday March 29, 2008. Click here for discussion about that build gathering.

And a special thanks to OtakuFuel for bringing kits out and having them available to the folks at the gathering.   For those coming to the next gathering, if OtakuFuel is coming, feel free to email them for requests and such.

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  1. Sean

    I think that you’re an awesome modeler and like the way you share your knowledge. Too many times talented people hate to share but you don’t and it really is appreciated!!!!

    If you don’t mind me asking I just have a question with panel lines/washing. I like to make my Gundam using Tamiya flat colours. To do panel lines can I clearcoat with Future then use the same type of acrylics for the panel lines or do I use Future and use Enamel for the lines? I know you said something about strength of different types of paints but if possible I would like to get the same results using acrylic paints all the way since I live in a small condo and enamel and lacquer paints would kill me even with a spray box. Thank you for your pictures and tutorials. Any help is most appreciated.



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