Model build gathering happened this past Saturday. We didn’t quite reach 20 people, but all told, I believe we probably had 17 or 18 people at various times. Not as much alcohol was consumed as on the previous gathering, but the beers and shots did flow.

mgb16 003_jpg.jpg mgb16 005_jpg.jpg mgb16 027_jpg.jpg

We only had one new comer this month. We’re two weeks out until OrangeCon 2008, so a few of the modelers were busy working on finishing their kits for the event.

mgb16 016_jpg.jpg mgb16 019_jpg.jpg mgb16 024_jpg.jpg mgb16 023_jpg.jpg mgb16 035_jpg.jpg

Funaka brought over carne asada, and I fired up the grill. The pyro inside me almost emptied the entire bottle of lighter fluid on the grill… fire is fun.

mgb16 028_jpg.jpg

I also baked a cheesecake since it has been a while since I treated the nerds to my wonderful dessert cooking abilities. I took the normal cheesecake recipe, reduced the sugar, swapped out half of the cream cheese with marscpone; and created a raspberry topping from fresh raspberries. Rock band was started up and the standard rules of lowest score drinks was applied. We took breaks from rockband to return to the build tables and get a few bits done.

Click here for more pictures of the gathering.

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  1. Matt

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I made the photo gallery. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lycantivis

    HAHA I had a feeling some pics of me were taken… I just wasn’t sure if gam was gona keep them for his personal collection or post them

  3. GameraBaenre

    Well, those other pictures were of um.. folks and um.. animals doing things while you snored away. Such a sound sleeper… we were tempted to move you to a chair outside, get a bowl of warm water to put your hands into, then the group of us would pee on you… there’s always next time…

  4. Infornography

    aww, it looks like y’all had alot of fun. Wish I could’ve made it.

  5. herbertthepervert

    hahahahah looks like an awesome build gathering, god i can’t wait till i get around to hosting one of those (you live too far away gam!)

  6. flim

    what’s that MS in the first pic? that red one…?

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