Welcome to 2022..finally a build post

Ok, so I actually finished this at the end of last year. My group of friends have been doing a Secret Santa gift exchange every year for a while now because we’re cheap. It is much better to spend one chunk of money on one gift to one person than try to think up crappy gifts for everyone. So, this year, I got drew one of my oldest friends – I mean, we’ve been friends since Jr High, I think we were around 13 years old or something. Lets not do any math, it’s a while. So to go even cheaper than our normal budget, I grabbed a kit out of my backlog that I originally got for her a few years back but just never gave as an unbuilt kit – and decided to build it for her. Can’t get any cheaper than this.

So being the Hello Kittyfile; this is a decent gift idea. Cracking open the box, the damn thing even comes in a Hello Kitty head frame. Wow, isn’t that cute. And now to frame it up some so that it’s not just a kit sitting on a desk that would easily get lost/crushed/discarded. My friend isn’t the most nimble or graceful person in the world. So this needs to be some what sturdy and indestructible.

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