So damn tired…

I need another weekend to recover from my weekends. Dinner and a bar on Friday; Thai food lunch, home made dumplings and homemade chocolate mousse on Saturday; followed by skiing, NFC/AFC Championship games, and a family dinner on Sunday. I’m almost glad to be at work so that I can use this time to recover before starting this all up again come the next weekend.


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Diving for Scallops

This past Saturday, I decided to go diving for some scallops, as folks were coming over to drink and play rockband. Originally, I set my alarms for 6:00 AM but completely slept through them and woke up a little past 8:30. I got up and headed out towards Laguna Beach. The sky was cloudy, but by the time I reached the beach, it had cleared up and was shaping up to be a very nice day. I got to the treasure island dive spot and geared up. I brought the camera along in the case I see something interesting, I wasn’t out for photography, but to get scallops, so the photography will be limited.


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June’s Model Build Gathering

June’s model build gathering was smaller than the previous month. A few folks are working more so that they can take the first week of July off for Anime Expo. So this was a nice relaxing build gathering. We had one new member to the group and hopefully he’ll come back and start building seriously like the rest of the group. Scott’s starting to move away from 1/400 and smaller scaled kits to a 1/144.


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The Tenderloin Experiment part 1 and 2

Tenderloin part 1: Filet Mignon. So after watching an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats; I decided that I needed to try getting a bulk cut of tenderloin, cut up, and use the different meat cuts for various uses. And what better guinea pigs to test this out on than a few of my friends. Yesterday, I cut some fillet Mignon steaks and did a steak au poivre dish. Today, I took a different cut of the meat and made Philly Cheesesteaks.


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