Oct 232017

Last I left off, I had most of the exterior armor pieces painted. The procrastination for the interior armor painting resulted with those bits getting worked on last. The leg armor pieces were painted but I noticed that there were some details that frame up the vents on the front and back, so those areas were masked off and the inset areas were painted with Mr Super Iron then masked off again to paint the frame areas with alclad magnesium. The contrast looks fairly decent when assembled.

Since I am building the Hazel I version, I want to also have it running all three booster shields. The kit unfortunately, only comes with one. I actually started the mold making process at the same time I started spraying the primer. The mold making process takes a bit of time, but if I wrote everything up as it happens sequentially, it becomes harder to follow some of the steps because things keep jumping from one topic to another. That said, lets finish up the mask and paint sessions.

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Apr 052015

I got the parts cleaned up and washed. Then onto some skewers and the priming starts. Once the primer is dry, the parts are checked for mistakes and parts that need attention are sanded, puttied, resanded, then reprimed. Once everything looks good, the first layers of paint will go onto the parts.

Also in this post, because the Grim’s clear “eye” piece is done in a clear pink, that clashes with the color scheme I have planned, so I decided to make a silicone mold of the original part, and make a clear resin copy of the part that I can then tint with a clear paint that matches the overall color scheme.

Here’s a video of the entire process just briefly touched on by the above slide show.

More details on the paint progress after the jump

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Feb 022011

First and foremost, Happy Lunar New Year‘s Eve for everyone on this side of the international date line. For the rest, Happy New Years! This past Sunday, we had a family dinner at one of the local Hong Kong style seafood restaurants. Randomly hearing the managers exclaim “Pig Parade” in Cantonese, and noticing all the staff rush to the kitchen; a slight hush came over the fully packed restaurant. The staff all come out of the kitchen with roasted pigs on huge metal prongs and proceeded to parade it around the restaurant. That the restaurant was packed and there was a line waiting to eat on a Sunday night was the very first clue that Chinese New Years was right around the corner.

I’ve also got some Saz updates as well as a potential canine addition to the household.

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Feb 082009

Aside from the Shin Musha Gundam, I also got more work on the Hustler kit as well as the ∞ Justice’s joint casting. With three collars casted, three versions of the shirt was glued together using epoxy glue. This will make it very easy to swap out shirts on the kit. For the ∞ Justice, with the successful pressure pot casting, the joints were casted.

hustler_prog 042_jpg.jpg ij_comm 087_jpg.jpg

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Feb 062009

Little end of week update as I progress with more casting. I’m getting a better feel for it and I think I’m getting better at casting. I also got the Shin Musha’s gun finished last night. All I needed to do was paint the gold details. I took pictures of the magnet inserts for the Hustler figure as well.

hustler_prog 029_jpg.jpg shin_musha_prog 039_jpg.jpg

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Feb 042009

This is a 1/7 Hustler kit from Orchid Seed that came out in limited production numbers at the end of last year’s HobbyComplex. I had the kit pinned at the last build gathering. I have yet to take pictures of the magnets, but I have magnets embedded into the edge of the pool table where she sits and a corresponding magnet in her butt. The kit is broken down very nicely, and it should be fairly easy to build and paint. The vest is broken down along a natural seam. The kit also comes with optional parts for building her with an open or closed shirt. Now this is where the casting comes into play. To take advantage of how well the kit breaks down, I’m planning on building three versions of the shirt, closed, half open, and fully opened. And for this, I need to make casts of the collar and extra shirt pieces.

hustler_prog 020_jpg.jpg mgb20 050_jpg.jpg

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