Oct 242008

So, it Friday, and it is a bit slow at work right now, so wandering around the various places, Phishie’s blog, Tetsujin’s Blog, GundamJehutyKai’s Blog, and various other blogs and sites, I stumble on this fun little quiz from Gunpla Girl’s blog:

Which is just funny as all hell because I’m just a fat douchbag of a guy. Well, I am working out, so I guess once I return to my physique whence I was in the military, heh.. nothing but trouble can come from this…

Aug 172008

So tonight, I went over to my Dad’s place to have dinner with him and his wife; well they don’t cook, so we went out for dinner. It has been a couple of months since I last saw my step mother. I don’t harbor any ill wills towards her, but I don’t just don’t trust her. There is too much phoniness when sitting at the dinner and conversing.

My dad wanted me to go over so that I could watch some of his taped Olympics broadcasts that were done from the perspective of CCTV and other Chinese broadcast outlets. A very interesting perspective aside from NBC. Most of the footage I’ve already seen through various sources like youtube and various blog posts from around the word. It is always good to get a different perspective on things, and even though I’ve seen most of the things, I humor him and hang out. All he really wants is to just have me hang out there; even though not much is said between us, it comforts him that I am there.

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Jul 312008

Yes, this is more mindless ramblings and nothing ado about model building, so if this does not interest you, move along. But if this does interest you, then sit down, it’s time for story time with Clem. The question at hand is about staying friends. And this is focused on staying friends with ex girlfriends, ex wives, ex husbands, etc. For the most part, folks generally cannot remain friends when the relationship ends. I know that I haven’t been able to remain friends with one of my ex girlfriends, but that I have been able to remain friends with two so far. I know a friend that has told me that they are still friends with their ex wife. But for the most part, a majority of my friends have not been able to remain friends after the relationship ends. Can you, and have you remained friends with someone you were once intimate with?

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Jul 292008

So, about 10 minutes ago, there was, as initial reports come in, a 5.8 earthquake with the epicenter at Chino Hills, California. The low rumble started as I sat at my desk, and I noted to my co-workers that we’re getting a nice little earthquake. Then as it continued, it got significantly stronger and one of my other co workers comes out of his cube to look at me and ask “What’s going on?” I can only laugh and the question. The rumbling continues, this is quite a long earthquake, I think it lasted for a good minute in total. It has been a while since I last felt an earthquake of this size.

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Jun 182008

I saw a post up on xkcd today, the actual post is after the jump. I think back to all the interactions I’ve had since being introduced to the wonderful world of the internet way back in 1994. There was a text based online game called a MUD that a friend of mine introduced me to, it was an online game, and the screen was nothing but words describing rooms, objects in the room, and the people in the room. It was an interesting social environment. There was the good, the bad, and the horrific. The handle I use and the name of this site was created on that game. I remember starting out and being completely new to the whole phenomenon known as the internet, I used the social skills that I had learned for the past 18 years of life as a guide for how one should behave in this new environment. But it did not take me long to come to the rationalization that the mud, is simply just a game, that all the actions done are mere words. I was an asshole before in reality, but damn, it became REAL easy to be an asshole when all you see are words – the nameless, faceless masses that exist behind other monitors connected by a series of wires simply didn’t exist in reality for me; all I saw were a user name and words.
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