Oct 152009

Mass amounts of painting is happening at the house. Gtetra is over working on the gaplant and I’m busy with the Tekkaman and added an SD Gundam NT-1 “Alex” to the mix. A few months ago, I saw another method for doing marble effects from a Hong Kong modeler Ambroseyin. I’m a sucker for trying out new techniques and I like the marble effect, the only issue is that I have trouble finding a suitable kit do test such off the wall ideas, so what better test subject than an SD kit. So off we go.

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May 062009

Since the Infinite Justice kit is on hold now, I started work on the Sol Tekkaman last night. Here are a few pictures of the major joining parts combined. I’m skipping the full test fit to speed up the process of the kit. All the two part pieces are glued together so that I can get to work on the seams.

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Feb 082009

Aside from the Shin Musha Gundam, I also got more work on the Hustler kit as well as the ∞ Justice’s joint casting. With three collars casted, three versions of the shirt was glued together using epoxy glue. This will make it very easy to swap out shirts on the kit. For the ∞ Justice, with the successful pressure pot casting, the joints were casted.

hustler_prog 042_jpg.jpg ij_comm 087_jpg.jpg

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Jan 082009

Back to work on the ∞ Justice, as the holidays were fairly busy for me hosting things and just dealing with typical holiday season fun. I guess if I wasn’t such a social douchbag, I could probably just lock myself in and do nothing but work on kits… but hell, I have a life. I’m not much of an atypical model building I guess. Anyways, now back to the daily grind. Below are a few pictures of the mold making process using silicon RTV. I need to make resin casts of the joints that broke on the kit.

ij_comm 074_jpg.jpg ij_comm 075_jpg.jpg

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Dec 172008

Last night and the previous night, more painting was done on the kit. The internals were treated to a base coat of Finisher’s gloss black (this issue may be important later in the post). Then the main internals were painted with Alclad Magnesium. A few selected pieces were painted using Alclad Steel. The hydraulics were done with chrome and burnt metal. Most of the main kit has been painted, and parts of the backpack section have also been painted.

ij_comm 062_jpg.jpg ij_comm 064_jpg.jpg

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Dec 152008

So I have every other Friday off. I just have to work an extra hour per day, but its a nice deal, for a small sacrifice. A couple of friends came over and we headed out to the local bar and grill: Hero’s. There are about 150 or so beers on tap there, and below I have a picture of the tap list. A couple of us have acquiesced to hitting all the beers on the list as a “scientific” experiment to see which ones taste the best… I had a large Cherry Wheat, which is pretty interesting. It was like a blending of grenadine and wheat… pretty good… not a bad start. Side note for future reference, an order of the nachos can feed a full table….

heros 001_jpg.jpg heros 007_jpg.jpg heros 009_jpg.jpg

In other news, I did manage to get a small amount of work on the IJ. The painted armo
r pieces were pulled and placed into boxes for storage while I work on the other parts. And I got some of the metallics painted.

ij_comm 052_jpg.jpg ij_comm 053_jpg.jpg

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