Feb 102014

This week’s update finally gets some real painting for the Sazabi. The main body parts are got some primer and the base coat. And I actually finished one of the parts for the damn thing, the fuel tanks, complete with decals and final clear coats!

More details after the jump.

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Apr 232013

This past weekend was the monthly build gathering. ‘Twas a smaller gathering which afforded some time to focus on another quick resin kit. my friend Mitchell picked up this kit form Hong Kong and gave it to me a few years ago. From the initial look, it seemed like a scaled down version of the 1/35 Nu Gundam head from G-sys. I had built one of the 35th scale Nu heads at least 8 years ago. I had started back on my 1/100 Nu project, but the stage I’m at with that required more focus that I could give at a build gathering. So with tools in hand, some sticky tack, the 7 parts that composed this kit was quickly assembled. Let see how long it will take to complete this one – yeah, complete progress after the jump.

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Mar 232012

Last week was March’s build gathering, and since it was a week away from Kenken and Latte’s birthdays (March 24th), we also invited their breeder’s sister who owns Crumpet, Kenken and Latte’s sister. Oddly enough, she’s also a model builder that has been to AX and does some excellent work with resin kits. Crumpet is a bit antisocial so we were hoping that the large gathering of strangers and 5 other corgis will help break her out of her shell and shyness. She was fairly timid at first and rather unfriendly, but I think she started to get used to the dogs and started to play. And by the time they left, she was definitely more comfortable, so hopefully she’ll continue to visit during the build gatherings.

In other news, I’ve been doing a great deal of modifications to the HGUC Dreissen, which will be most of this post.

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Jan 172012

This past weekend was the first build gathering of the year, and it marks the 54th build gathering since we started. The gathering was the usual size with a few new members to the group. I was late in snapping pictures as there were also two good football games, well technically 1 good football game and the other was just a sad slaughtering of horses; and also a Lakers game that didn’t go well for the Lakers either.

In other news, we got Yuki an annual pass to Disneyland, so the past week has been spent sprinkled with little visits to the happiest place on earth.

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Dec 142011

This past weekend was the December Model Build Gathering. We didn’t hold a gathering last month since we had the SCGMC contest. And I believe that combined with a few people that learned of our build gatherings from the SCGMC event, the December gathering was fairly large. We also had our annual white elephant exchange which is always a fun time. When we first started the white elephant exchange, I think we had a total of 8 participants and the exchange was still fun. This year we had 27 participants, and wow, such a difference in the game, but more about this and the actual build gathering after the jump.

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Nov 162011

This past weekend was the first annual Southern California Gundam Model Competition (SCGMC) presented by ThoseGundamGuys. The idea to run our own contest came out of years of frustrations when attending other model contests. So back in April, we set the wheels in motion and started working on creating our own competition. There has never been a model competition of this kind in Southern California that I know of, so we had no idea what to expect. A few of us were a bit pessimistic and we set the bar a little low just so we don’t completely disappoint ourselves. But all our hard work paid off and there really is a decent gunpla following in Southern California. We organized the event planning for about 60 people in attendance. This was our goal, and we found a venue that would support this and contacted a few vendors; then started a marketing campaign to as many local hobby shops as we could find as well as hitting the online resources for gunpla discussions.

We had an attendance of about 100 people, 35 individual entrants, entering 88 models in total. I definitely believe we surpassed our goal and I believe that we can continue to do this event annually. Hit the jump for more details and pictures of the event.

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Sep 132011

This past weekend was the model build gathering for September. A bunch of folks that haven’t been back to the gathering for awhile showed up – Jay, Miko, Artur, etc. Good to see some of the old faces. Art showed up with a few boxes of random kits that he received from a friend that had passed on, so instead of the trash bin, he felt the kits may find some good homes with the folks from the build gathering. It’s hilarious to see the sudden reaction when the phrase “free kits’ are uttered. After the grab fest, about one box full of kits was left over and we suggested that Sean take it as a donation to IPMSOC’s annual distressed kit auction event.

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