Sep 162011

The last time I messed around with the scooby, I added an HID kit that was just bulbs and ballasts. I did this with my last tC and it seemed to work just fine and I was pretty happy. Then I started reading the internets and discovered that the method I was employing was the wrong way to do things. As with most things, quick and easy methods are usually always the wrong way to do something. So, since I was feeling fairly self righteous, I went out and ordered a full retrofit kit for the scooby from And to make things easier, they even have a “quick and easy” simple plug in kit for the WRX, the Morimoto Retro-quick system. It will have everything you need. So I ordered this as well as some nice ccfl rings. I mean, I’m going to be pulling the headlights apart anyways, so why the hell not?

Last Saturday, all the parts came in, well sort of, everything but the ccfl kit. Emailing the company, they had forgotten to ship it with my order and immediately shipped the set out to me. No work to be done on it last weekend, so here are just the pictures of the stock headlight, a picture of the cut off and what the current HID kit bulbs look like against my garage wall, and the morimoto quick kit.

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