1/7 Hustler and Casting

This is a 1/7 Hustler kit from Orchid Seed that came out in limited production numbers at the end of last year’s HobbyComplex. I had the kit pinned at the last build gathering. I have yet to take pictures of the magnets, but I have magnets embedded into the edge of the pool table where she sits and a corresponding magnet in her butt. The kit is broken down very nicely, and it should be fairly easy to build and paint. The vest is broken down along a natural seam. The kit also comes with optional parts for building her with an open or closed shirt. Now this is where the casting comes into play. To take advantage of how well the kit breaks down, I’m planning on building three versions of the shirt, closed, half open, and fully opened. And for this, I need to make casts of the collar and extra shirt pieces.

hustler_prog 020_jpg.jpg mgb20 050_jpg.jpg


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