1/6 Asuka Bust Completed

Last night, I got the decals and final touch ups done. I also glued the head pieces to the hair and glued the arms and back plate to the main body. After the decal setter completely dried, a quick shot of clear gloss was sprayed over the main body and it was left to sit for about a day. Today painted in her lips and glued the head to the body. I also placed the final magnets into the leg areas so that the kit sits attached to the base solidly. The kit came with a little doll that she holds but I just found the thing a little too creepy. Additionally, I didn’t make any sort of attachment point for the doll to her left arm, so I’m just leaving it out. The doll is mostly painted, I just didn’t get around to painting the eyes. Regardless, since I’m leaving that piece out, I didn’t feel the need to finish that part up. Check out the completed pictures in the gallery after the jump.


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Asuka Bust Progress

I started this kit a little over a year ago, but never created a progress page, I did take pictures of it when I started, it’s how I know the actual start date. I have the dates for when the first photos were taken. Over the past year, I got work on her at various build gatherings. Mostly taking care of the surface prep, sanding the kit, pinning, fixing a part that I ended up accidentally drilling through when I was pinning, and the last thing I got done was the initial priming session.


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